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Phone Repair

A broken down or malfunctioning cell phone or laptop happens to be constant stress for us. In this era of the digital world, it’s hard doing without these technologies. Say it, our cell phones, tablets, and other smart gadgets are now like our daily grocery needs. Keeping them functioning well is simply peace, as they are providing us countless services in a matter of a few clicks. If you have got a device that is not working fine or has got damaged, we the Tek Handlers, are known for our phone repair in Cedar Park. Our services start from booking an appointment to providing guaranteed comfort in your life. 

Phone Repair In Cedar Park; how do we make it Different?

Understanding the needs of today’s technology users, we have devised our services in a way our customers don’t have to wait. Our team of smart technicians stays updated with the body, built-in, and software of every updated model and make personalized repairs. It’s not like you come with iPhone repair and they go ahead with android repairing techniques. We just don’t experiment on your precious devices. Our shop for cell phone repair in Cedar Park is a one-go platform for providing instant and quality repairs. This is how we make it possible:

Fast Delivery Time

Whether it is about cell phone repair or PC, our repair shop makes it possible within 24 hours standard time. Our technical team works in segments; body and software. The bodywork team is assigned with its specific repairs, while built-in issues are resolved by the other team. This is how our cell phone repair shop provides both diagnosis and repair on the same day. 

Free of Cost Diagnosis

We are one of the finest phone repair stores that believe in providing an ideal customer journey. This is why we offer completely free diagnosis. Cell phones and other smart devices often start malfunctioning just because of some over-storage or because of some software updates. We make sure if the device needs repair or just a few tweaks in the settings or deleting some useless apps will make it start running smoothly. 

Reliable Repair at a Fraction of Cost 

Trust us, our quality service at least repair costs amazes the customers and makes them always choose us. You will find us charging reasonably less than other phone repair stores. Our gadget repair in Cedar Park is well known for its high quality and affordability.

Reliable Warranty

Our repair service is matchless and never makes customers return to us for the same recurring issue. Still, our prime goal is satisfied customers, so we offer a service warranty as well. 

Discount Deals

Tek Handlers is one of the premium phone repair stores, where you will find repair costs under your control. If you step in with more than one issue, we minimize the repair charges on the second issue. This way you get multiple discounts, in case you come with a device that needs several repairs.

Out-of-the-box Technology  

Get an estimate, if your device is not working fine; android, iPhone, computer or game consoles. We use advanced repair techniques and tools so that no issue remains unresolved. Our repair benefits the customers in three ways; at hand service, cost effective repair cost and testing. 

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Tek Handlers Services

Our services comprise every type of repair and maintenance and mainly on the following:

Damaged Screen

No worries, if your cell phone or tablet’s screen has cracked or its touch is not working fine. Our team for cell phone repair in Cedar Park helps replace it with the new one. We offer original parts, so you don’t need to worry about any single replacement of your device.

Speaker not working

A cell phone speaker mostly gets damaged due to water action. We check your devices carefully whether its speaker is just not working due to dampness or has got completely damaged. If we find the speaker not functioning at all, we replace that with a brand new one.

Damaged or Weak Battery

We are one of the best phone repair stores in providing the right battery repair and replacement solutions. At times, the quickly draining battery is the result of some unnecessary downloads and apps. We analyze and find out if the battery gets really old and its capacitor doesn’t charge then we suggest you change the battery.

Water Damage

This is one of the most common issues that the customers step in with, often extremely worried. If by chance your device gets dampened then the first precaution is to not switch it on. Bring the device to our repair shop, we minutely observe the parts which get affected and replace them. 

Camera Repair  

The camera of cell phones is really dear to its owners and we understand that. It’s not a cheap part as well and replacing it is costly. Our main focus is to find out if the glass cover of the lens is damaged or the lens is also broken. A broken cover is replaced within no time, but if we find a cracked lens then finely replace that.

Damaged Charging Port

Charging ports of the smart devices are excessively used parts and these often wear out and malfunction. Our phone repair in Cedar Park helps you get rid of a loose fit and damaged port instantly.

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