Tips For Mobile Users By Stores For Phone Repair In Cedar Park

Phone Repair In Cedar Park

Smart devices are called smart because they are human-like bots and are extremely complicated. These advanced technologies are meant for multitasking and providing numerous services being in our palms and laps. Even the most expensive devices often break down and do not work up to the mark. If nothing goes wrong with your smart device, apparently, but it starts malfunctioning then check on the few routine processes that may bring the phone back to normal. Tek Handlers has a shop for phone repair in Cedar Park and here we let you know how to fix an unfriendly smart device easily.

Phone on No Storage Notification

No matter how large a storage device you get, it runs short of it eventually. Even if you get 128GB storage, few birthdays and wedding ceremonies coverage fill the large space of it. A few heavy downloads also cover a big part of your device storage and that results in the phone showing a ‘No Storage’ notification over and over again. It simply wrecks your nerves, and our technicians know that when offering cell phone repair in Cedar Park

The easiest solution is to delete all unnecessary apps, videos, images and files. Secondly, scan the device with the Files by Google app from Play Store. Identify the apps taking the lion’s share in the storage and get rid of them. Always go for a backup, it’s not always good to keep all needed data on your device. In android devices, go for an SD Card for transferring all necessary data and make your device storage free.

Low Battery, Keep Charging

This is another phone notification that keeps knocking on your mind, no matter where you are and what you do. A whole day long without low battery notification on your devices proves to be an ultimate comfort. Our gadget repair in Cedar Park has a detailed study of how a battery claiming great battery specs keeps boiling and draining. It is not about the battery, but about how you use your smartphone. The brightness of your phone directly impacts battery use. For it, better to keep it at low and the other solution is to keep the brightness setting on Adaptive Brightness. It is also a good idea to reduce your screen timeout. This ensures that your device display may not use an extra battery when not in use.

Device Overheating  

Cell phones heat up during use, but that should not be as much as if heated on a stove. The simplest reason for the heat up the device is its excessive use and too much talk time. If you are a gamer, then your device gets heated up. For it, our technicians during cell phone repair in Cedar Park suggest you better give your device a break during playing games and let it cool down. Many devices heat up during charging as well. Here the good idea is to not use the phone when getting charged, this also results in over-heating. If you use apps that need high CPU and GPU for longer time spans then also the device heats up alarmingly. The bottom line is to give your device a break and let it cool once in a while. If it still heats up then something is wrong with the battery or the software and you need to get it checked by a technician. 

Network and WIFI Connection Failing

Cell phones not connecting to the service network, WIFI, or Bluetooth device also causes great trouble to its users. But Tek Handlers, one of the leading companies for phone repair in Cedar Park suggests you to not worry about that. Our extensive experience in providing repair service has let us know that this networking issue gets resolved in a matter of few seconds. No matter what connection issue you are facing, just turn your device on Airplane mode for two minutes and it should surely get resolved. If this doesn’t work, restart the device. If the networking issue persists, contact the service provider and if still, your device shows connecting issues then you need to get its antenna checked. 

Apps crashing, Phone getting stuck

This is another common issue of most smartphone devices. Even if you buy one of the most expensive cell phones, they too get stuck. Our technicians for phone repair in Cedar Park have studied it all and suggest that the most common reason for it is a non-updated device. An overloaded cache also corrupts the phone functions, so better is to keep it clean. If a certain app doesn’t work fine then the reason can be the old version. Make the required update and your devices should start working fine.  


My device is showing poor image results, even though it has a high megapixel camera?

The reason behind this can be a dirty lens, in most such cases the cleaning of the lens brings the camera back to the best results.

Can I repair hardware issues myself at home?

We will never recommend you for that. If your device has got a cracked screen, broken body, or camera, better is to get this repaired by expert technicians. Such repairs at home may end up on a whole ruined device.

My device takes too much time to charge, what can be the reason.

Check out the socket where you plug the charger to find out that the power supply is all fine. A loose or damaged charging port can also be the reason behind it. 

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