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What Our Customers Say About Us?

These guys are great. Not only for repair. Picked up a USB 3.0 to lighting for my iPhone. Very helpful! Support locally!

Nice dude! Fixed my screen for a good price and in a good amount of time :D

Did a great job replacing the screen for my laptop and the customer service was on point too. Glad I chose this store over best buy.

Broken Screen:

If you have a broken screen, no need to panic as we have just the right fix for you. Our crew can carefully remove the broken glass parts and replace the old screen with a new one. We use real parts and our repair equipment meets the quality standards!

Speaker Repair:

Speakers usually stop working due to deposition of dust, impact or water damage. Bring your smartphone in and we will check the speaker for any moisture or damage before testing it for audio quality. If it is not up to par, we can switch it out with a brand new one for you!

Battery Repair:

Batteries lose its power over time as you charge them more and more. The capacitor cannot hold the power anymore and you have to get the battery changed. We can do that for you by switching with a new stock battery that will last you long!

Camera Repair:

It’s usually the outer covering that breaks when people bring their phone in for camera repair. If the glass shards have not damaged the lens underneath, we can repair the cover glass quickly. However, if the lens is broken, we have to replace it with a new one!

Water Damage:

Did your pet accidentally spill coffee over your phone or did you drop it in the pool? Either way, we know just what to do with all that water damage. Fix it! We can identify all the damage and repair it in no time!

Charging Port Repair:

We know the struggle of having to adjust the cable every time you want to charge just because the port is loose. There is a 75% chance that your port has collected dirt over time. If it’s debris clogging it, we will repair it free of cost!

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