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These guys are great. Not only for repair. Picked up a USB 3.0 to lighting for my iPhone. Very helpful! Support locally!

Nice dude! Fixed my screen for a good price and in a good amount of time :D

Did a great job replacing the screen for my laptop and the customer service was on point too. Glad I chose this store over best buy.

Hard Drive Repair:

Your hard drive holds all of your important saved data for games. Without it, you can lose all your progress in it. If the hard drive fails, you may lose everything. Let us recover your data for you in case of such an emergency.

HDMI Port Repair:

Sometimes the HDMI port gets loose over time with extended use. Sometimes it even breaks and falls inside which is a big pain. But gaming must never stop so bring your console in and we can fix that HDMI port for you!

Water Damage:

If you accidentally dropped your console in water or any other liquid, we can fix the damage for you! Just bring your console in and our expert team will get rid of all the moisture and make sure everything is working normally after repairing.


If you are confused about updates and don’t want to mess with the settings of the console, let us update the software for you and restore your settings back to normal. We can do this in a day so you get your console back in time!


A lot of consoles have seen the overheating issue. It causes thermal throttling to take place where the CPU and GPU is capped and you are unable to get peak performance while gaming. We can fix the overheating issue and clean any collected dirt for you.

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