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What Our Customers Say About Us?

These guys are great. Not only for repair. Picked up a USB 3.0 to lighting for my iPhone. Very helpful! Support locally!

Nice dude! Fixed my screen for a good price and in a good amount of time :D

Did a great job replacing the screen for my laptop and the customer service was on point too. Glad I chose this store over best buy.

Software Update:

Having trouble updating windows again? We know how big of a pain it can be especially when you have work to do. Let us take care of all updates so your machine is fresh, up to date and ready for work!

RAM Repair:

Just upgraded your RAM but the computer refuses to recognize it? Could be a problem with how you attached it inside. Let us take a look and improve the speed of your PC by checking the RAM.

SSD & Hard Drive Installation:

SSD allows you to have those blazing fast boot ups and program opening speeds. If you want to get an SSD or hard drive installed in your computer, bring it to us and we can do it for you easily without damaging the insides of your machine.

Water Damage:

A lot of times we spill water over our tower, a PC we put our heart and soul into when building. But there is no need to panic as we can repair your PC quickly so you can get back to work or gaming! Bring your computer in today!

Data Recovery:

In case your computer breaks and you have all your crucial data inside, we can try to recover it for you before there is no coming back. Bring your computer in ASAP and we can try to retrieve all the data for you.

Battery Replacement:

If the battery in your laptop no longer gives you the screen time you once used to get, it’s time to change it. We make battery replacement look easy and we do it with stock batteries so you have the peace of mind!

Computer And Mobile Repair Services

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