Why Choose Us?

Tek Handlers – Our mission is to provide high-quality tech repairs that not only fix the problem at hand but also never let it surface again. Our technicians are highly skilled and qualified for the job – they know the ins and outs of tech. We provide customers with high-end repair equipment to offer the best solutions. A dream team of tech repair experts that can quickly fix all your gadget problems whether they are hardware related or purely based on software.

Our company philosophy is to never settle when it comes to providing high-end repair jobs. We are confident with our team and ready to serve you! Bring your tech in today and get it fixed quickly!

What Problems Can Repair Fix?

What Our Customers Say About Us?

These guys are great. Not only for repair. Picked up a USB 3.0 to lighting for my iPhone. Very helpful! Support locally!

Nice dude! Fixed my screen for a good price and in a good amount of time :D

Did a great job replacing the screen for my laptop and the customer service was on point too. Glad I chose this store over best buy.