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Get the quality tech repairs you deserve! Our affordable services can give any competitor a run for their money! The best phone repair store in Cedar Park!

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Phone Repair – We Make It Look Easy!

Speaker Repair
We fix broken speakers by repairing the damage and checking for quality. If the issue persists, we replace the unit with new parts.

Water Ingress Damage
We can remove all the moisture from inside your device and repair the damage. We then test itfor performance and replace the faulty parts if needed!

Poor Battery Life
We replace old batteries with original ones so you can get the battery life you deserve. We can make your smartphone battery feel new again!


Bent Chassis
We can fix and straighten the bent chassis on your phone and bring it back to normal. You can have your phone frame switched for a new one as well!


Computer And Mobile Repair Services

Unbeatable Affordability:

Our mission is to deliver high quality tech repair services at an affordable price. We don’t break your bank for iPhone repair. Instead bring it to us and get amazing deals on tech repair. We can match any local repair shop’s price and beat it by a full $10! If that isn’t a deal and a half, we don’t know what is! Get the quality tech repairs you deserve.

Trustworthy Warranty Service:

Our warranty is trusted by the customers. You get 90 days of warranty with all our repair jobs that you can use any time within the time period provided. It is our aim to deliver quality customer service and make sure our customers don’t have to return to us with the same problems we fixed. Afterall, we are the best phone repair store in Cedar Park & Georgetown, Texas!


Precision Tools & Qualified Technicians:

Our technicians are highly skilled and well versed in the field of technology. They know all the ins and outs of tech and can repair it on the same day. We use high end repair machinery to make sure every part fits inside your device perfectly and functions properly. Delivering excellence on a daily basis! Check out more from Tek Handlers right here!

Finest Repair and Testing:

Our technicians pay close attention to the diagnostic test of your device and make sure every fault is identified. Then we move in by fixing all the broken parts and replacing them with new ones. You get your device back after we have tested it and made sure everything runs smoothly. We also have services like computer repair in Cedar Park & Georgetown for you to check out!


What Our Customers Say About Us?

These guys are great. Not only for repair. Picked up a USB 3.0 to lighting for my iPhone. Very helpful! Support locally!

Nice dude! Fixed my screen for a good price and in a good amount of time :D

Did a great job replacing the screen for my laptop and the customer service was on point too. Glad I chose this store over best buy.

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